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How 3D Printing helps in Health Care industry?

How 3D Printing helps in Health Care industry?

Finally, 3D printing also has the potential to upend the pharmaceutical world and vastly simplify daily life for patients with multiple ailments. So many of us take dozens of pills each day or week, and the organization, timing and monitoring of these multiple medications and their diverse drug interactions and requirements (morning, night, with or without food) is utterly exhausting.

But 3D printing is the epitome of precision. A 3D-printed pill, unlike a traditionally manufactured capsule, can house multiple drugs at once, each with different release times. This so-called “polypill” concept has already been tested for patients with diabetes and is showing great promise.

The bottom line

The medical world, in which treatments, organs and devices are an integral part, stands to be revolutionized by the vast promises of 3D printing. With precision, speed and a major slash in cost, the way we treat and manage the health of our bodies will never be the same. And that’s something to celebrate.

3D printing has brought great excitement and innovation to the medical field. It’s now possible, and almost easy, to offer customized health care solutions — a relief to medical practitioners and patients alike.

As one might expect, 3D printing in medicine has enabled customization, prototyping, manufacturing, and research. As one might not expect, the areas of application are also quite broad, extending past general medical practice and research and including the following:

Surgical preparation



3D printing of tissues and organs

Which filament AUSTIC 3D Shop sell which can be used in Health Care Industry?

The most prominent brand that can be used in Healthcare is DSM branded Arnitel Natural ID 2045. This filament can be used in prosthetics, bruxism splints. For more info search Arnitel Natural in the search icon of AUSTIC 3D Shop.

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