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TPU Filament: A Durable and Flexible Material for 3D Printing

TPU filament is special type of 3D Printer filament, made of plastic or rubber. When heated it becomes soft and moldable. It is designed to be used in 3D printing, printing of plastics, rubber, and even fabric. TPU FILAMENT is the filament used in the TPU process, a process which is used to create 3D printed objects. The filament is a very high strength, durable nylon/polyester/glass blend which is very difficult to break.

TPU filament is a new generation of filaments, developed by 3D printing researchers in the University of Zurich, Switzerland. The TPU filament is produced from the highest quality plastic and has the highest elastic modulus of any filament on the market. This means that it has superior mechanical properties to other filaments and has a unique feel to it designed for high speed printing on both direct drive and Bowden style extruders.

AUSTiC sells one of the premium quality of TPU Filament called Python Flex. Python Flex is Perfect combination of strength, flexibility and elasticity.