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Austic delivers innovative 3D Printing Resin & Consumables at Wholesale prices to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. We have wide range of innovative 3D Filaments, 3D Printing Resin & Consumables with all the major brands such as FormFutura, Printrite and Verbatim.

Do You Have A 3D Printer But Are Lacking On The Fuel? 

Austic delivers revolutionary 3D Printing Resin & Consumables to your door anywhere in Australia at Wholesale rates. Many of the big brands, such as FormFutura, Printrite, and Verbatim, have a wide variety of advanced 3D Filaments, 3D Printing Resin, and Consumables. 

What Is 3D resin?

What exactly is resin? Resin (for 3D printing) is a photopolymer fluid material that uses vat polymerization technology to cure under a light source (resin 3D printers). SLA Laser 3D printing resins, LCD/MSLA 3D printing resins, and DLP 3D printing resins are all available. When compared to FDM 3D resin printer and filament, resin materials provide a wide range of high-quality, highly accurate, and smooth performance. Discover all types of 3D printer resins and materials, including high-temperature resins, castable resins, and even flexible resins.

Why Should You Go For Our Services?

We here at Austic ensure that you get the best in class 3d printing resin. Our intuitive website guides you through the intricate process of procuring yourself a 3d printing resin. 3d printing resin can be very toxic if not handled with care and resolution, that’s why we promise our customers that our responsible employees and delivery men try their level best to safely deliver you your 3d printing resin, Australia. Contact us on our toll free phone number and we will make sure you materialize your thoughts into reality using your 3D printer!