Loyalty Program

Spend and Save with AUSTiC's Rewards Program, sign up and earn the savings. You will earn a point for every dollar you spend as well as many other rewards as shown below. Australia's Best Rewards Program!

How it works 

$1 for every point you spend in store

  • $50 off for 1000 points
  • $100 off for 1500 points
  • $200 off for 2000 points

25% off on your birthday

3 purchases of $300 or more gets you 15% off your next purchase

Create Account gets 10% off next purchase

$20 off your next purchase when you refer a new customer and they spend over $100


Earnings Loyalty Points

Every dollar spent will earn one bonus point.

Is registration mandatory?

Yes, Registration is mandatory before you purchase the product. We will issue customer ID once you register with us and after that you can start earning the points.

Can I convert my previous purchases later in Loyalty program?

We would love to cater you in every possible way but unfortunately all previous purchases cannot attract any points. Your loyalty program starts once you accept the terms and conditions at the time of registration.

Structure of points

We use Swell rewards system. You can find full list of earning points on the home page by clicking "Reward Program" button on bottom left of the screen.

Redemption of points

You can review your point balance by logging into your account. When you logged in to your account, at the time of check out it prompts for any accrued cash discounts that may available based on previous purchases for redumption.

Duration of Credit

Once we issue the credit note / coupon, we will also provide the duration of credit note. After passing those periods, all issued credit note will be invalid.

Coupon Codes

Each Coupon codes are designed to provide the genuine discounts to our clients each time. However there are some coupon codes which are linked to the combinations of shipping, billing addresses, contact no. and email address. Each proposed registered coupon codes shall to be used once only as per the policy unless approved by management or designed to be use multiple times.

Change of Loyalty terms and conditions

AUSTiC Shop management reserve the right to change and alter the program at any time without consent of anyone.