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3D Printer Parts Guide

3D Printer Parts Guide

What you need to know for 3d printing? What parts make up a 3d printer?

In 3D printing, here are some common jargon and names for parts that you may encounter along the way.

PLA Filamant

Filament: A material (often plastic) manufactured into a long strand (like a cable). These are used by some types of 3D printers to manufacture objects.

Printer Extruder

Extruder: The part of the machine where the material is melted.

3d print nozzle

Nozzle: A small hole from which melted filament is pushed (“extruded”) out of.

heated bed for printer

Bed: The surface on which an object is produced. It also often called as Heated Bed which is a print surface that is heated to provide better adhesion.

stepped motor for printers

Stepper Motor: A precise and powerful motor used to move the various parts of a printer.

RepRap: An open source 3D printer movement.

G-code: Instructions for a machine describing every movement required to manufacture a part. Not specific to 3D printing.

printing software slicer

Slicer: A piece of software used to convert 3D models to G-code.

Axis: A reference line for movement. A 3 axis machine can move in X (left to right), Y (front to back), and Z (up and down).

printer carriage

Carriage: A moving part that the extruder sits on. 

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