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Air Charge QI 10W Wireless Charger by IntelliArmor

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  • Air Charge QI 10W Wireless Charger by IntelliArmor
  • Air Charge QI 10W Wireless Charger by IntelliArmor


Embrace the power of QI charging! The AIR Charge is a wireless charging station for all of your compatible devices. Quickly charge your phone by placing it on the charging platform. The LED indicator light signals that your device is getting charged up. No cable? No worries! You don't need to find your Lightning, Micro USB, or USB-C connected cable because the AIR Charge requires no wires from the base to your device.

  • Charge Your Device Wireless
    The only wire need is the one that connects the AIR Charge to the power outlet. You won't need to wire your phone to the charging station, making this the easiest way to charge your phone!
  • Simple, Portable, Stylish
    The stylish design makes this charger something to be admired. Charging your device is as simple as setting your device on the station. The compact AIR Charger is perfect to take with you while you travel.
  • LED Charge Indicator
    At the base of the AIR Charge is a LED indicator light to let you know that your device is charging. Simply place your phone on the station and check the indicator light.
  • Non-Slip Silicone Base
    We wouldn't want your new wireless charger sliding around, so we've included a non-slip silicone footing to the base of the charge station. This keeps the AIR Charge from moving around while you are transferring your device to and from the station.
  • QI Charging Capabilities
    The new "QI" charging capabilities allows you to charge your device without the mess of wires! Stop tangling, wrapping, and crinkling wires; start charging your device hassle-free.
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Key Features::
LED Light indication, QI Charge
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